1. I want to join! How do I join?
Simply buy a T-shirt!
2. Thirty dollars for a T-shirt! Why so much?
Yes, yes- it is a lot for a T- shirt. However, all proceeds will help Mac with his medical expenses- so it's for a good cause. The thirty dollars also gets you access to Tre B before the races (offering coffee, water, bagels, fruit, and restrooms), as well as admission to the After Party (Beer!). Plus, we promise the T-shirt will be awesome (or at least super-soft!).
3. So if I join Team Mac, does this automatically enter me in one of the Mill Race events on September 26, 2015?
Unfortunately, no. You will have to register for your preferred event via the Mill Race Marathon website: http://www.millracemarathon.com/
4. I hate running. Do I have to run?
Of course not! The Mill Race marathon, half marathon & 5k allows walkers, too. If you don't want to walk, you can still cheer on the other runners/ walkers and be a part of Team Mac.
5. What if I'm not even going to be in town that day- can I still be a part of Team Mac?
That would be awesome if you still joined! You can contact Denise to figure out item delivery.
6. Who is going to win between Ike DeClue and Katie Petry during the half marathon this year? I know Ike won last year, but Katie claims he only won because she dropped part of her head phones. Can Ike reclaim his title?
Stay tuned... My money is on Katie this year, though.